Unique and Creative dishes, Trendy alcohols straight from Tokyo
Tapas style dishes along with Japanese food in fusion with food from all across the globe. We import fresh information aboout trandy new foods and alcohols from our store in Tokyo.

Place full with smiles and dreams
A place where everyone who are involved with MUSHA, will smile and share happiness and dreams.

Hospitality and service
Not only a place where you can get food and alcohol, but also a place that can provide you the best quality time

My purpose in life is to “Enjoy”.

When you enjoy your life work becomes more enjoyable and interesting. Then one day work becomes much more than just work. The best way to live is to have love and appreciation in your life every day, this will put a smile on your face and you will always be happy.

The food industry is a creative and fun job that requires imagination and creativity. There is no one who can deny the fun times that come with Drinking, Eating, and Laughing. This is deeply connected to people’s hearts in Japan, America and all over the world. Of course I partake in these activities to and I am very happy that I have pursued a job that is connected to the things I enjoy. Our duty is to make customers happy and more active by constantly supplying them with a happy and friendly atmosphere. By using our creativeness to make this environment, we will help the customer both physically, by supplying them with high quality food, and mentally, by giving them a nice environment in which to relax and enjoy their experience.

The customers will leave with the memories of their great experience at Musha. I will work hard and continue to make the customer, staff, environment, society, and the world happy, through Musha.

Fun to eat, and fun to make. Fanciness not requires when eating good food. Just eat, and drink. We call this the “The Greatest Fun of the World”.